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Simon Löwy

Last Update 2 years ago

In this article, we will briefly introduce Skilltree, how it works and what you as an employee can do with it. For a detailed look on Skilltree and its features, please take a look at the other articles in this help centre.

Skilltree is a software that helps you manage your skills and skill goals. This enables you to be recognized for your talents and interests and to facilitate your professional career.

First of all, we have to clarify the term "Skill", because what a specific skill is will vary depending on who you ask. That's why every skill in Skilltree is represented by a badge. This badge contains a unified description specified by your organization and clear requirements for achieving it. They can either be validated by yourself or by certain validation requirements set by your company.

When we unite related badges within categories (or subcategories) we get a tree diagram which we call "Skilltree". You can navigate through this Skilltree by dragging it with your mouse and zooming with your mouse wheel.

What can I do with this software?

Have fun exploring Skilltree and growing your skills 🙂

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