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To enter your skills in Skilltree:

  1. Login to Skilltree. If necessary, click on "My Skilltree".
  2. Look for categories that fit your skill set. You can move the map by clicking and dragging. You can zoom by using the mouse wheel. If you click on a category you will see more information.
  3. Click on a badge. You will see a description as well as possible requirements.
  4. If your skills fit the requirements, activate it!

It's that easy!

Badge levels

Every badge can have multiple levels. Use the tabs in the detail window of a badge to switch between levels.

Sidenote: If you activate a higher level all previous levels will be activated automatically as well!

Add a comment

When activating skills, you also have the possibility to leave a comment, in case you want to provide additional information, like why you qualify for a certain badge. Here is what it looks like:

Validation requested

For certain badges, your team lead and/or organization need to validate the skills and knowledge you possess. A range of validation processes can be put into action.

Supervisor/peer validation

Some skills need to be approved by a specific person (your supervisor or someone else). In this case, at the top right corner of the window of a badge, you will see this sign:

After pressing "Activate", you will see that your badge is now awaiting confirmation from the team leader.

Certificate upload required

In order to activate some skills, you need to upload a certificate. In this case, you will see this symbol:

When activating the badge the following process will take you through uploading a certificate or file.

You can find the complete tutorial on file upload here.

Comment required

Some skills require the confimation by adding a comment. This process will be illustrated below.

Happy learning!


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